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June 18, 2024

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Head-to-toe Oil Saturation is the Goal

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Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage is very similar in overall effect as Swedish Massage: kneading of muscles, smooth and luxurious skin contact with warmed, herbalized oil. Abhyanga does not skimp on materials and clients can feel the difference.

Unlike in many massage styles, it is extremely rare that clients' muscles will feel "worked over" in the days after session. Clients accustomed to other massage styles, but new to abhyanga, often report liking this effect -- it fits into their week well no need for 'recovery' days after getting a session.

The emphasis is on helping the skin and underlying tissues absorb the particular oil chosen for the client's condition or constitution. These nut and seed oils nourish deeply, whether plain or richly infused with herbs that are 'just right' for a particular therapeutic effect. 

Traditional patterns of massage strokes deliver the results; although manipulation of the myofascial layers can factor in for a given client's condition, abhyanga focuses on the oil delivery itself.

Abhyanga can be performed by one or two massage practitioners, the latter being referred to as 4-handed abhyanga. While 4-handed abhyanga is efficient, covering the whole body as it does in a short period of time, the client's sense of mental calm can be interrupted if a therapist pair is not well-entrained to move in synchronized fashion with each other. 2-handed abyhanga (a single therapist) offers an equally effective treatment without this risk.

Then there's Shirodhara!

The pouring of a warm steady stream of oil over the forehead is a time-tested antidote to insomnia and mental stress. Some pre-screening is advised to look out for possible  contraindications for some folks, but otherwise, the expected results include: the deepest sleep; the mellowest mindset; and least-frayed nerves you've ever known.


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